• CUB CADET Snow Blower 2X 26 HP Aurora CO

CUB CADET Snow Blower 2X 26 HP Aurora CO

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Cub Cadet Snow Blower 2X 26 HP with 243 cc OHV engine and push-button electric start features trigger-control power steering for great control, maneuverability, and one-handed operation. Designed to clear larger spaces with ease, this two-stage snow blower also utilizes a heavy-duty, serrated…


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    Great snow blower company — but if something goes wrong with your unit — don’t be so sure your warranty will cover it. I brought my near new unit that wouldn’t start to an authorized dealer who said it was covered by the warranty but Cub Cadet “technical” specialists would not honor this technician’s opinion and refuse to cover the repair. After I spent time and money getting it to the authorized dealer!!! How convenient…So 1K later after 3 uses, I am back to my plastic shovel. THANKS CUB CADET

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    Great blowed handles MN winters with ease. Bad reviews seem due to lack of research. If you don’t thoroughly prep it for summer storage it won’t start next winter. Old gas in the carb will kill it. Warranty doesn’t cover this. Drain the carb of old gas but above left tire. Full tank of good gas and boom she’ll roar to life again. Don’t like the carb get the EFI version

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    Worst customer service that I have ever had. Cub Cadet doesn’t stand behind its products, honor their warranties, or even care about their customers. Although the snow blower worked great for one year, it wouldn’t start the second season. I went through the User’s Manual and tried all of the troubleshooting strategies listed. After completing them, I again tried to start the snow blower. IT CAUGHT FIRE!! I had to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out before the gas tank blew up. The following day I called Cub Cadet asking how to make a warranty claim. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I was finally given to a person, and they filed a claim and told me where to take my snow blower. I called that company, gave the case number, and waited for a call back. I was informed that they would not honor the warranty as it had been over a year (The warranty is for two years and it has been 7 weeks past the one year mark). When I called Cub Cadet back it took half an hour to get to a person where I was informed that their policy was that if it caught fire after a year they would not cover it, and I had to go through home owner’s insurance if I wanted the melted carburetor replaced. When asked why they wouldn’t honor the warranty, the person kept repeating it was their policy. When I informed them about Maine’s Implied Warranty of Merchantability Law, he told me the risk assessment department wasn’t worried, and that they were not going to honor or stand behind their product. I downloaded a copy of the warranty, and no where in it is there a statement about the machine catching fire or that they wouldn’t cover it. Good luck with not burning your house down or getting your machine fixed if you choose to spend $1000 on a snow blower.

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