• HUSQVARNA Deluxe Snow Blower Cover 531308201 Aurora CO

HUSQVARNA Deluxe Snow Blower Cover 531308201 Aurora CO

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Husqvarna Deluxe Snow Blower Cab


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    The blower vibration keeps loosening the restraining bolts holding the cab upright so I have to constantly adjust it and tighten bolts. Snow sticks to the window making the visibility worse with the cab on. The bottom of the front shield blocks the lights from proper function making even less visibility. Horrible unit and unfortunately I threw the box for it away as I purchased well before we had snow so I can’t return it. Waste of money. I buy all Husqvarna equipment and this is the first time I feel ripped off by them. 🙁

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    Works fine, fits as advertised. I don’t know how much more the sellers could have done to let people know that it’s a COVER they’re selling, as the word COVER is printed right in the headline description. That anyone thought it may have been a cover AND a snowblower is a problem with reading comprehension, not deceptive advertising.

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    The mounting frame and instructions are fine the problem is the material used for the windows. It can best be describedas like looking through “Saran Rap”. Can’t imagine what there thinking, looks great in the picture.

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