• Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO

Husqvarna ST227P, 27 in. 254cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering Aurora CO

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Husqvarna ST227P has been developed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow blower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths. It works regardless of surface type thanks to the adjustable skid shoes. This 2 stage snow blower has been designed for occasional use in all snow…


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    Like a lot of us – I research purchases to the nth degree – and rely on reviews as part of that research. You have to weed through the reviews – especially the negative ones – to determine why they are negative. I currently own a snow blower that is 10 years old. It does work – however I was ready for the “next step” up to a bigger machine that would hopefully cut through the triangle of ice at the end of the driveway left by the snow plow that comes down the block. After considerable research I narrowed my decision down to a couple of different machines – the Husqvarna one of them. All of my research had been on line, so as a last step – I went to 3 different stores that carry a variety of snow blowers [Husqvarna one of them]. Different manufacturers, different price ranges, different bells and whistles. This last step was obviously critical, being able to touch and feel to really compare all the features. Like the chute – there are different options to operate the chute. One of the reason I like the Husq is because of the easy operation of the chute, not only right to left – but up and down as well.. Along with all the other features of course.I was hesitant to purchase something like a snow blower – from Amazon. To the point where I emailed them with my concerns and “what ifs”. They assured me they would take care of any and all issues.So – from the top : The delivery schedule was determined by me… Saturday between 12 and 3. Delivery was on time, with zero issues. The blower came in a cardboard box very secure on wood slats with zip ties top and bottom that would not allow for any movement. The instructions for assembly were easy to follow and easy to execute. Again – no problems whatsoever. I put in new gasoline – and oil – and cranked it up. It started on the first pull [my son in law called it the “beast”]. I did not want to write a partial review – having purchased the snow blower in December [Merry Christmas to me] – even though I was very happy with the process so far – I needed snow ! Well – I didn’t ask for 2+ feet – however the latest blizzard became the ultimate test. It has been a long time since I was excited to get over 2 feet of snow! The “beast” started up – first pull and cut through not only the 2 feet of snow – but the “triangle” at the end of the driveway like butter. It never stalled once – AND I never once had to clean out the chute. Success all the way around. Thank you to Amazon for your professional help in answering my concerns – and for the seamless delivery. Thank you to Husqvarna for creating a snow blower that exceeded my expectations. The power steering works great, I never went faster then 3rd gear [plenty of speed even in third], changing the chute position was as easy as a flick of the wrist, and the snow went a good 30′ – 40′.If you are looking for a snow blower in this price range with these features – stop looking – buy this one.

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    ** Original Review February 2015 – 5 Star – ** Purchased 2 months ago. It took 15 minutes to assemble. Finally added gas yesterday and started it for the first time. Fired up on the first pull; throws heavy, wet snow like a champ. This thing is a beast, I would highly recommend.*** Update April 2017 – 1 Star – *** I’ve had this unit for a little over two years. In that time, it has been used a total of 5 times. When not in use, it was garage kept (year round’). For the Winter 2017 season (January to be specific), I was unable to use this unit because the console, which is made of hard plastic, broke. Specifically, the portion of the console which holds the gear shift in place, simply snapped off when attempting to engage the unit into “first gear”. This meant that there was no tension for the “gear shift” which meant, by default, the unit would only operate in reverse.After contacting Husqvarna USA’s service center, they were unwilling to cover and ship a replacement part (a replacement console), which I offered to install myself, due to the fact that the unit was two years and one month old. Their policy states that there is a two year limited parts warranty. While I do appreciate the policy, exceptions can be made and in this case, I asked for an exception to be made. They were unwilling to do so. I asked kindly, and pleaded my case stating that I was a new customer and would like to give Husqvarna the opportunity to make right, what I felt was wrong; their only suggestion was for me to ship this unit to a nearby service department and ask them if they would be willing to contact Husqvarna USA’s service center and plead the case on my behalf. They suggested I may have more luck in doing that, then calling as a consumer. I asked one last time, if they would send me the $35.00 replacement part in good faith to save me as a customer, but my request fell on deaf ears.In my opinion, the plastic console should not have broken on a garage kept unit, used five times, that is two years and one month in age. To me, this appears to be a manufacturing and quality issue with Husqvarna. I take issue with the quality of this unit and will likely expect to see further issues as time goes on. I would also like to highlight Husqvarna USA’s service center and their inflexibility when it comes to providing support to their customers. I would suggest that all steer clear of Husqvarna products moving forward.I hope this review is found helpful to others.

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    I purchased this item in the Fall of 2014. I used it last winter to clear the sidewalk and driveways for my house and three of my neighbors. It was great to use once you get use to the controls. Never really noticed the heated grips providing any warmth.So, the Blizzard of 2016 hits the Northern Virginia area. I started with a neighbors house and completed theirs, then cleared the sidewalk from their house to my house, then the auger stopped working. I pulled it into the garage and tore off the gear housing and saw the auger belt was gone. There began my search for a replacement. As numerous people have noted, finding a replacement is difficult. There are a lot of misleading information on the Auger belt around the internet. After hours of searching, I found solid information that I would like to share.First, the product number for the Auger (Impeller) belt is 581832401. I finally verified this number by finding and downloading a parts list for the unit from the Husqvarna website, though it was well hidden. Here is the link: http://www.husqvarna.com/us/support/manuals-downloads/ . I went to many sites trying to find this part with no luck. I found it on the Sears website, this link to be specific: http://www.searspartsdirect.com/part-number/581832401/0071/917.html?pathTaken=partSearch&q=581832401 . I am ordering 5 of these belts, I don’t want to be left in this situation again. It took me and my wife nearly 5 hours to shovel out the snow and neither of us were pleased. If I have any problems with them fitting, I will provide an update once I receive them and try to install them.

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