• Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO
  • Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO

Husqvarna ST230P, 30 in. 291cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering and Heated Handles Aurora CO

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The Husqvarna ST230P two stage snow thrower works great for snow accumulations of 2-12 Inch. Features include a 291cc Husqvarna engine, electric start, power steering, LED headlight, 30-inch clearing path, 180 degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector, heated grip handles, 12-inch…


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    ***WARNING – I found most of my local Husqvarna service centers will not do warranty repair on a product they didn’t sell. I found one a ways from me that would so I do have a option***No snow yet but this review is an initial review. Everything seems really solid and you can tell a lot of thought was put into the design. braces, reinforcements, and engine design all seem very robust. After following the assembly instructions I checked the oil, fueled it up, primed, and it fired up in 2 pulls. After the initial run, it fires up in 1 pull. Electric start is a cinch. I do have a concern because I hear a loud rattle in the gearbox but I do not notice any issues with auger engagement or the forward and reverse drive. Time will tell if this is a problem as I am reluctant to take it apart after one day of owning it. I will be running it a few minutes every day until I empty 2 tanks of gas then I’ll be changing the oil to a cold weather weight in order to do a proper break-in.**UPDATE: Rattle is a non-issue. The transmission is a floating friction disk that is loose when not engaged. Once in gear its smooth sounding and runs great***Chute controls are not loose or sloppy and I’ve seen in competitive models. The LED lights are a nice feature and are plenty bright. Hand grip heaters are nice and warm plus the adjustable handle for the controls allows me to adjust for a comfortable ergonomic feel.Please note that during assembly you will have extra bolts (Brass). After much inspection I couldn’t figure out what I missed as these bolts were not mentioned in the assembly instructions. However, in the actual owners manual (blue book) it notes these extra bolts which are spares for the ribbon auger shaft.***Update: Had the first snow and got to clear the brand new driveway. This thing is amazing. The ONLY problem I had (and I mean minor problem) is my driveway is so smooth that at the lowest possible clearance with the scraper and skid plates, it leaves about a 1/8″ of snow behind. Not a concern, once daytime came the sun finished the job. This thing really is one of the best blowers I’ve seen. I also recommend getting a chute extender. They don’t sell it as a direct part for this model but the commercial models (Like ST324P) use the same chute housing and have a black rubber extender at the end. This reduces blow-back from wind significantly and adds a little more throwing distance. ******Last Update: This is the last update as I figure at this point, ya’ll get the idea. We had the 3rd largest single snowstorm on record last week (18″). I got up around 4am to get started on clearing the driveway. Not thinking about how easy it would be I was done in 30 minutes (150 feet long x 25 feet wide). As I stood there staring deeply into the snowy and dark abyss, seeing all my neighbor’s driveways buried. Images of them panting to try to pull start their 2 stroke blowers. Heaving their little snow throwers like it was a shovel with a motor. Tires spinning on their tractors trying to push the masses of snow. I fired up my mighty snow stallion…put her in gear….and drove it right back to my garage because all my neighbors are dumb for not buying one of these bad mama jama machines.Don’t be that neighbor. Buy one.P.S. I did end up clearing my one neighbor’s driveway. He’s a WW2 veteran and I have already told him I’ll take care of him no charge anytime as he has already paid his dues to this country. After I was done, he looked at me with his one eye (the other eye is missing from a grenade) and said, “Glad the Nazi’s didn’t have those back in the war. They might have made it to Russia”Here are the part numbers for the extender available at any of the Husky service centers:532 42 11-38 SHIELD DEFLECTOR2 532 42 32-47 STRAP(save a few bucks and get the screws and nuts at a hardware store)3 586 11 80-01 SCREW MACHINE 8-32 X .50 BLK4 586 11 81-01 NUT HEX NYLOCK 8-32 – BLK

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    You will not be able to get a replacement belt for it. The auger belt failed with heavy snow. I can’t get a replacement online and visited the Husqvarna dealer who sold the wrong belt. Went to another dealer and got the wrong belt. I spent all day screwing around trying to get a replacement belt for this thing and it is not to be had for love or money.18 587 20 90-01 AUGER BELT HI CRANK the replacement part does not exist and/or is not available.This is supposed to be a labour saving device, not a snark hunt.OK I went from dealer to dealer and it is still on back order from the dealer after two weeks.Soo… I called Amazon and talked to this really nice guy Clint, who called Husquvarna for me and sat in on the call. Husqvarna told me it would take another two weeks to get me a belt since it was a brand new model and lots of people who bought it got two belts when their first one broke. They told me they would honour the warranty if I brought the blower to the local warranty shop, but since that would involve renting a truck for 60.00 I opted to just pay for the 16.00 belt. With delivery it was 26.00 but Clint from Amazon gave me a credit to cover it.So, I still don’t have a belt but I have three on order, one direct from Husqvarna and two on back order from the dealer. Really the money was not an issue it is the aggravation of running around trying to get this thing fixed before the snow flies again.That said, kudos to Clint and Amazon for going the extra distance to try to make this right for the customer.

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    I bought this just in time for the east coast blizzards of 2015. It saved the day, but keeping it going has been a constant struggle.The good:Mine starts EVERY time. Two or three pulls, even after sitting all summer, and it fires right up, even though I have done zero to maintain the engine.When it is working, it throws snow very well. I have minor gripes, like the reverse is way too slow, and the chute should go past 90 degrees, but it has plenty of power and works well on all but super wet snow.The Bad:There is always some mechanical issue. Always. I have been able to fix it every time, but it is a huge pain, and gives me limited confidence in the machine every time I take it out.When I first got it I went through auger belts like crazy, and there were none available anywhere. I ended up using random automotive belts, which would not last that long, but worked. The down side was they basically would not disengage, so the auger was always running, which is clearly unsafe. I finally found the belts (almost a year later) and ordered a bunch of them, but oddly it has been going through them less with age.The drive system has had multiple issues. Usually it is just a cable coming unhooked, but they are all attached very deep in the machine, so even that is not an easy fix. The spring on the main drive cable actually rusted through, which is surprising for a machine made to be in wet and salty environments. I did a temporary fix with bailing wire, and eventually got a new cable and spring, but a pain.The chute cable mount broke recently. No idea how it happened, but now I can only lock the chute over on one side. I’m sure I can get the part, but it will be a couple hours of taking everything apart and putting it back together.All in, there are better options out there. I have taken this thing apart countless times. It has always gotten the job done, but rarely without some fix needed. Also, it is not a terribly fun machine to work on, because of the placement of key attachment points.Not the worst, but there are definitely better ones out there, and the lack of support (belt availability in particular) forces me to give it one star.

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