• Toro 105-3028 Side Discharge Chute in Aurora, CO

Toro 105-3028 Side Discharge Chute in Aurora, CO

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    I put this on. The chute is very big and hole in the sheet metal deck is very small. It kept clogging up. REMOVE: original spring loaded flap (2 nuts). CUT about 2 inches out of the sheet metal hole going back (metal cutting disc). DO NOT cut the hole forward. SHIFT the add-on chute so the forward hole in the deck lines up with the forward hole in the chute. DRILL a new hole in the deck that lines up with the rear hole in the chute. FASTEN WITH nuts and bolts with washers. TRIM new chute to desired length / shape. It will give a much better cut and shoot grass halfway across the yard. THIS was the most productive 15 minutes I ever spent. NOW I can run with this mower with very thick grass. It has better suction also.

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    Installs in 5 seconds with no tools. Slots in the chute fit into tabs on the existing side chute cover. Lift that cover up, position this chute (if fits almost perfectly into the Toro deck) with slots lined up. Release existing spring loaded side chute and it is installed. Stays put, lets grass discharge freely out the side. Fits the contour of the deck well enough no gaps to worry about.My only reservation is the chute opening is rather higher than some mowers chutes. If you were to get pea gravel or other debris under the mower it could fling it out further due to the high opening. Some mowers have openings this high and some slope and direct more rearward the opening so there are no direct paths for something flung out by the blades. That generally is not a problem of course, but could happen.

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    I managed to lose the discharge chute for my Toro High-wheel Recycler sometime during my past 3 moves. I normally mow without the chute so the clippings are recycled, but a few heavy rains made me rethink that decision. Without the chute, the large quantity of clippings simply overwhelmed the mower and made mowing the lawn a painful exercise in mower cleanout and restart.I bought this discharge chute, but wasn’t entirely sure it would fit. Fortunately, it fit my mower perfectly. Lifted up the side discharge door, clipped the two top loops in place, and let the door back down to hold the chute in place. No problems at all. It looks like the original chute and works just as well.Since my purchase, I’ve hit a number of objects with the chute (trees, rock wall, curbs, and just about everything in the yard, unfortunately), but the chute appears to be just fine. I’m quite happy with this chute.

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