• Toro 115-4695 PK2 8″ Wheel Gear Assembly in Aurora, CO

Toro 115-4695 PK2 8″ Wheel Gear Assembly in Aurora, CO

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Toro 115-4695 PK2 8″ Wheel Gear Assembly

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Toro PK2 8″ Wheel Gear Assembly


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    I have had a wheel gear failure about once every 4 years of mower use. The wheel gear is not the problem. The wheel drive shaft is positioned by a ball bearing and a plastic bushing mounted in the wheel bracket. The plastic bushing wears out and allows the steel gear on the drive shaft to laterally move out of proper engagement with the plastic gear on the wheel. Replacing the plastic bushing in the wheel bracket restores proper engagement. However, depending on how badly the plastic wheel gear is damaged, the wheel may also require replacement.

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    Turns out the wheels were not my problem but the treads on my Toro 22 Recycler were slick, so I bought these anyway. They are as good as the originals – the originals are mediocre at best. The gear is a cheap plastic. The 4 stars is relative to the fit, finish, and quality of the originals, which I would give a 1.5. So, these are a 4 star exact replacement of a 1.t star original. Now I’m confused!Anyway, I put them on and had the same issue. Others have described the same problem. I had a slightly unique fix which worked great and cost NOTHING!The problem is the gold bracket with the threaded axel hole gets toed in. If you look at the back wheels from behind the mower, you can see them pointed in – pigeon toed for a lack of a better term.So, I took the wheels off and moved the height adjustment all the way forward until the axel hole hung straight down below the deck. I used a 15″ Crescent wrench adjusted to tightly fit the thickness of the gold bracket.I put the wrench on the bracket from bottom up, covering the axel hole completely. I then torqued the wrench to bend the bracket the slightest bit. Notice I said torqued the wrench – don’t just pull the bottom of the wrench, you will damage either the bushing holding the bracket or the black sheet metal holding the bushing. I know someone will ask: to torque the wrench, push the head of the wrench almost as hard as you pull the end. This puts lateral forces on the bracket at the bushing instead of a torque. Think of it this way, you want to push the deck off the workbench not flip it over. Also, know this took a lot force. If you can’t bruit force it, get a bigger wrench like a 20″ or bigger pipe wrench.When the 1st bracket bent a little bit, I thought it wasn’t enough so I did it again. The 2nd bend wasn’t needed and was difficult to undo. The other wheel went smooth but again, it took all my strength to bend it the least little bit. I can’t figure how these brackets get toed in if it takes this much force to straighten them.I could tell right away that the wheel sprocket fit snug inside the drive gear. I mowed my lawn without that aggravating grind for the 1st time in a while. I’ll put bending the bracket on the maintenance schedule!

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    The back wheels on my Toro recycler mower started acting up at the end of last year. When I tried to pull the mower back manually, they would lock up and drag across the grass. I thought it was the transmission to the self-propel unit but after replacing that the wheels still locked up. Then I realized the plastic gears on the wheels had worn down. I purchased this set from Amazon and now my mower works like new. These were very easy to remove and replace — it is just one bolt on each side to take off and put back on. I wish these gears were metal instead of plastic so they would last longer, but that is a design flaw by Toro and not a reflection of these replacement wheels (the OEM ones are plastic, too). These are the real deal and the price wasn’t bad, either. If you need replacement wheels for your Toro mower, I highly recommend these.

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