• TORO 22in. Personal Pace Recycler Mower in Aurora, CO

TORO 22in. Personal Pace Recycler Mower in Aurora, CO

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Recycler 22 in. Personal Pace Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine. For homeowners seeking a lawn mower with high quality, a user-friendly design and excellent mulching capability. Toro products are known for Smart Features and Proven Dependability. Count On It.


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    I’ve had a host of mowers over almost 3 decades of home ownership and I always go back to Toro. Why?The Good:For me, I love the personal pace feature, which allows the mower to go faster if you want or slower if you want without doing anything more than pushing the mower. No levers to switch gears no one speed that’s typically too slow either.It cuts pretty well, can’t say I’ve found better. It bags well too but I haven’t ever used the side discharge. If I’m not bagging it then I’m mulching with it and it does an excellent job mulching if you don’t try to mulch too much grass, ie; cutting off 2/3 and leaving 1/3. Ideally only take off 1/3 to 1/2.The Bad:There’s really not much bad, however these are a couple little things. So far I haven’t found a de-thatching blade to fit its blade attachment curved design. I have noticed it uses oil where my other toro never used a drop. So I’ll have to add some twice a season. I’m in Montana so it’s a short season. I will also get groves or deep tracks in my yard from following the same line with the wheels. Perhaps a little wider wheel would be helpful in this regard, but I just adjust my lines & directions as best I can.Overall: Toro makes the best mower I have found for the reason above & I highly recommend this mower!Note: I’ve owned this model for 3 years now and it was bought at Home Depot on an end of season clearance. And I leave my mowers outside uncovered all snowy winter long, every year.

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    When we bought this 2nd replacement 20332 , with Personal Pace 2 months ago, it had been 12 years using the old Toro self propelled, had fast speed only. My wife never had a pull start issue and the spark plug was replace once. Any keeping your mower running all the time, you need to use NON ethanol or premium gas. Then, when you fill up your gas can, add the right amount of Toro gas stabilizer or other stabilizer. There is a manual, which to READ. Our Wisconsin weather is harsh for winter storage, but never had an issue starting right up on first pull Spring time. Same with our huge walk behind Toro Snow Blower.Anyway, my wife and I visited our local Toro dealer 2 months ago, as she wanted to make sure the engine would pull start first time with easy pulling on the cord. She was happy. She is usually the one that cuts our corner, even though I have a 30 inch rider, which I use, every so often. We are in our mid 70’s and wife loves cutting the lawn. She loves the Personal Pace feature and is used to the RW drive. I do the Electric trimmer work. lolIn the month of May, we had the most rain ever near history mark. She was cutting with this 20332 as much as every 3 days, 4 days at the most. She just tells me she’s going out to cut the grass. The replacement 30″ Cub Cadet rider, is only 4 years old, which I occasionally use. lol Check the maintenance, as described in your Toro manual, and have a happy mowing year.I believe in supporting our local family Toro dealer and any family owned businesses, if they have what I am looking for. At least my wife’s new Toro was made in Mexico and NOT China. Also, I can depend on fast local service, when required. Take care……….Wife Happy Toro person!

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    Used the mower (TORO 22) about 3 times during the fall and left it in the garage. This spring we tried to start a mower that TORO guarantees to start – new gas in the tank, checked oil levels, air filter – all seems fine. But no matter – the mower will not start. We plan on trashing the new mower and buying a Honda brach instead. This is a waste of nearly $300 but TORO will not answer any questions and will not accept an honest yet negative review on their site. I will also YELP my issue with TORO.

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