• Toro 490-7462 Deluxe Walk Behind Lawn Mower Cover in Aurora, CO

Toro 490-7462 Deluxe Walk Behind Lawn Mower Cover in Aurora, CO

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Toro Deluxe Walk Behind Lawn Mower Cover


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    Bought this to replace the one I bought several years ago which had become weather worn. Even though this cover is the exact same model and the exact same item number as my previous one…and it’s going over the exact same lawn mower too…IT DOES NOT FIT! Herculean efforts couldn’t make this thing stretch enough to completely cover the mower. Half of it was completely exposed. So obviously it’s either defective or being made differently. I’m going to be more careful what I order from now on and not do business with sellers who charge restocking fees either. What a rip-off.

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    I bought this cover and the Lawn Boy 215326 cover at the same time, with the Lawn Boy being quite a bit less expensive. It turns out that they are exactly the same cover, with just different labels. I was really disappointed that the Toro was the same and returned it since it was more expensive. If you think you want this cover, buy the Lawn Boy.

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    I purchased the exact same part no in 2011 and it fit my Toro mower perfectly. So ordering an exact replacement by part no should have been a no brainer, right? Not exactly… It seems that the design has changed since then. Whereas my first cover was more of a drape and clamp in the back design, the new one now has an integrated bungee cord around the entire opening that clamps once you get it all under the tires. It simply won’t expand far enough for it to fit my mower without extreme tension and I could not find any way to expand it to fit. I could tell this fit was destined for failure over time with my Toro mower, especially since I cover it after every use. So I had to return it and look for a different manufacturer that uses a design with a less restrictive fit.I am sorry I had to return it as it appears to be very well made, durable and very clean looking. I am just so disappointed that the design changed so much that it no longer fit my mower.

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