• Toro 99-9313 OEM Replacement Paddle Set

Toro 99-9313 OEM Replacement Paddle Set

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Toro 99-9313 OEM Replacement Paddle Set fits the Toro CCR models 2000, 2400, 2450, 2500, 3000, 3600, and 3650. 28226 (720E) 33005 (Insight 1000) 33006 (Insight 1000) 34001 (Insight) 34002 (Insight) 38180 (CCR 2000) 38180C (CCR 2000) 38181 (CCR 2000) 38185 (CCR 2000) 38185C (CCR 2000) 38186 (CCR…


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    I have had my Toro CCR 3000 for over 20 years and this is only the second time I have replaced the paddles. I didn’t realized how badly the old ones were worn as they continued to do a good job. But, they were worn well past the wear indicator mark. The seller sent these quickly and I got them on just in time for the next snow storm, only 4 inches this time. When I first engaged the drive, there was some moderate vibration from the snow blower and a bit worse when going down the path on the snow covered concrete and this snow blower was pulling me ahead like crazy. A quick inspection showed that the paddles were a tad too wide and the vibration was from the paddles hitting the housing and then then the concrete on each rotation, gripping the concrete and pulling me ahead like this thing was self-propelled in high gear. That made it easier to plow through the snow, but there was an icy layer under the snow, making footing treacherous. I doubled checked my installation and the paddles were seated down as far as they could go. I don’t recall having this issue when I previously replaced the paddles some years ago. For this reason, I am giving it only 4 stars. I will just have to wait until they wear down a bit and it should smooth out. I just hope it doesn’t rub a hole through the housing first.

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    The product works great. Take your worn snow thrower and makes it new again.The replacement is not too difficult. A needle nose vise grips can go a long way as the extra skinny fingers needed on the outside nuts and screws. Put a little break oil on too. Let sit for 30 minutes. It will really speed up the job.

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    I purchased these to replace paddles on my 2 Toro 721 machines. I didn’t need them last season and installed them today. They are NOT cut to OEM size. They have about 1/4″ shorter width which leaves a larger gap in the blower shoot. This will cause the blowers to clog and throw snow poorly. They are also made from non-oem rubber material. Though I will say the number of fiber layers seems good.Too bad I won’t even be able to try these.

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