• Toro Lawn Striping System in Aurora, CO
  • Toro Lawn Striping System in Aurora, CO

Toro Lawn Striping System in Aurora, CO

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The toro lawn striping system provides you the ability to easily add professional-looking, ball-park quality stripes and patterns to your lawn, while you mow. Easily attaches to most walk-behind mowers and can be used with and without the bagger attached. Mow and stripe at the same time, it’s…


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    There is a person somewhere that designed this thing. This person is a GD sadist. For starters, there were many reviewers who commented about how long it took them to fill the barrell with sand. Since this product is the pure definition of first world luxury I belittled their millenial appetites to myself and ordered this product, assuring myself that I was not as much of a wimp as them. The day the product was delivered, I giddily humped myself over to my Ego 21 in all electric lawn mower in a manner only someone who wanted that “extra stripey look” to their lawn could. For starters, somebody said this would fit this model. It doesn’t. Fret not, I perservered. I had to Macguyver it with an added purchase of heavy duty zip ties. The handlebars were now wedged onto the mower. Success!Onto the sand. Let me start by saying the diameter of the barrell is roughly 5 inches. A 4 and 7/8 inch hole would have done just fine. Instead, Toro decided to make a hole big enough to drop AAA batteries in and that’s about it. So here I am, excited about mowing my lawn like an idiot and trying to neatly pack sand into a funnel because I’m also a neat freak. About 34 seconds into this exercise it became clear to me that I had spent 33 seconds too many trying this technique. I abandoned this approach and went for the end of the world tactic – lay tarp down and feistily jam as much sand into the hole that my fingers could. So here I am in my garage, shoveling fist fulls of sand toward this peanut sized hole. 98% of the sand hustled to freedom of the hole with the 2% found their way clumsily into the hole. It was an essay on mania and I was its author.43 minutes later I found my first glimmer of hope. Sand was reaching the top of the barrel!! My excitement was short lived after I gingerly nudged the barrel and the sand castle within collided back down from whence it came. More to go. I continued this process for approximately 12-13 more minutes until I was confident the sand was at the top. I read that the heavier the roller is, the better the line creation so I was packing this thing tighter than a Kardashian in swimwear. I finally felt comfortable with the sand fulfillment and was ready to put on the cap. It was at that moment that my heart sank. I had spent nearly the length of time it takes to watch Schindler’s List twice filling this hole that I forgot where I put the cap. Many thoughts raced through my mind at this instant. Did my dog swallow it? Would I be able to weld this shut? I finally found the top and raced to secure it to the mower as soon as possible so as to not take any more risks of failure.On to the mowing. The device is neatly tucked underneath the bag, almost unnoticeable. Star added to rating. Now to the downfalls. I put so much GD sand in the barrel that it was heavy, as described. Awkwardly heavy. I was embarrassed at my struggle to push the lawn mower on my own. Thankfully, I bought a self-propelled for just such an occassion. I still threw out my shoulder trying to be a man and push around a tree on a slope.Another struggle with this thing is that while it turns on a dime – seriously, zero issues turning – it’s one of those uni-direction wheels. Going in reverse just causes the system to just roll in on top of itself. Not good at all.As for the results, my yard as slightly better stripes (nothing to write home about) , my inability to walk in a straight line is now only slightly more apparent and I have to go see a chiropractor for my neck and lower back. On the bright side, there was so much shrapnel sand left over that my son now has a sandbox to play in. So there’s that.

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    The installation was easy. It took one adjustment after I mowed the first time, and I added more sand to it. There is another review that says the drier the sand the better. NO JOKE. Don’t settle for Play Sand. That was the hardest part of the installation; putting the sand in the roller! I have found the best results from mowing a pattern with the mower in mulch mode, and then mowing in a different direction with the bag on. The lines are great, but if you water…do it the night before you mow. For some reason the water takes the POP away. I still like it though. Great purchase!

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    I was excited to get this with grand visions of creating a yard that looks like a professional baseball field, but I am not impressed with the results of this thing. My lawn is tall fescue and I keep it mowed somewhat tall so it should be easy for this thing to lay over the grass blades, but not so much. I have used it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve tried using it early in the day before the heat, in the evening, when the grass was a little damp and when it was bone dry. I followed the instructions exactly as they said, but no difference in results. Looking at my yard after I mow and my neighbors who do not use this product, I can hardly tell a difference. The stripes are not much more than what the mower creates by itself with an attachment. #Disappointed

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