• Toro POWER CLEAR 621 Snow thrower paddle, scraper bar and belt set/kit, 99-9313, 133-5585, 108-4921

Toro POWER CLEAR 621 Snow thrower paddle, scraper bar and belt set/kit, 99-9313, 133-5585, 108-4921

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This kit includes everything you need to repower your Toro Power Clear 621, 421 or 221. Fits models 34001 (Insight Snowthrower) 34002 (Insight Snowthrower) 38451 (Power Clear 621 R Snowthrower) 38452 (Power Clear 621 E Snowthrower) 38453 (Power Clear 621 ZR Snowthrower) 38454 (Power Clear…


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    I like my snowblower because it starts in the cold weather. I never have used the electric start. Depending on the consistency of the snow it throws well. Wet snow 5 or 6 feet. Dry snow 15 feet. I am very maintenance conscious so every two years I put a new belt, scraper bar and paddles on my Toro 621e. I still struggle and can’t believe Toro makes it so non- intuitive. For instance the nut/bolts that secure the scraper bar are two different sizes. There is no clearance on the drive side of the auger to access the paddle bolts. It requires a T27 Torx on the inside and 11mm wrench on the outer. A needle nose plier is necessary and I use a power ratchet with the T27 bit. Removing the auger shaft and assembly can make access easier but far more time consuming. When changing the scraper bar tipping the machine backwards the oil spills out a breather. So be prepared to add oil or drain and refill for an oil change. If you don’t spill it out the breather you will spill oil because there is a black plate below the drain plug that obscures the drain. The price of $60 for the kit was awesome.

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    My snowblower is 9 years old and the paddles were worn down to the indicator holes. I had never replaced the belt either. I ordered this set so I would be prepared when something failed when we had a ton of snow in the driveway. We had a heavy snowfall and I was pushing my 2011 Toro 421QR pretty hard into the waist deep stuff at the end of the driveway and it stopped throwing snow. I pulled it into the garage and installed these new parts and it is throwing snow like it did when it was new. I had forgotten how far it used to throw snow. I will order another set so I am prepared for next time. I kind of wish I had ordered the fastener kit also. Some of my fasteners were rusty, but they still work. The fasteners in my machine are mostly specialty fasteners that you won’t find in a hardware store. If one falls out and gets launched into the snow bank, I will be mad at myself.

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    I recommend taking the whole shaft out to do this. It’s pretty hard getting one of the nuts on the back of one of the torx bolts, it’s a pretty tight fit. This just makes easier and less of a headache.

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