• Toro Recycler Blade 131-4547-03 with Briggs & Stratton Engine Tune-Up Kit in Aurora, CO
  • Toro Recycler Blade 131-4547-03 with Briggs & Stratton Engine Tune-Up Kit in Aurora, CO

Toro Recycler Blade 131-4547-03 with Briggs & Stratton Engine Tune-Up Kit in Aurora, CO

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Toro Recycler Blade with Briggs & Stratton Engine Tune-Up Kit


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    OK… At the end of the mowing season last year the lawn mower was choking out. I was either going to have to purchase a new mower (we know what that could cost) or tune it up! So, Amazon and Briggs & Stratton to the rescue. I bought the tune up kit! I’m a single female in my 50’s…I totally impressed myself (so much that I bought a tune up kit for my gas trimmer)! I changed the oil, air filter, spark plug and the blade by myself!!!! This kit is sooooo worth the money! The lawn mower started on the first try….NO choking out anymore! WAHOO!

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    THIS IS A GREAT BUY AND MONEY SAVER! The last time I tuned up my Toro 22″ Recycler Lawn Mower two summers ago, I had to go to a couple different local lawn shops to find and purchased these same items. After making multiple trips and then tracking down one item at a totally different store, I ended up spending close to $100.00! This time I decided to check Amazon first, since Amazon has become my best friend since then. Low and behold, I found this entire tune-up kit, which was everything I needed, for almost 75% less! Since I have Amazon Prime, my shipping was even FREE, which meant no wasted gas! The package was at my door in only a couple of days; plenty early enough for me to do the tune-up the following weekend as planned!I love my Toro but she really loves her tune-ups or she won’t restart after she’s warmed up! I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to tune-up their Toro Recycler lawn mower! It’s EVERYTHING you will need to get the job done! The thing I love best about this tune-up kit is the smaller bottle of oil. It is the exact amount recommended by the owners manual. So there’s no more guessing if you’re putting in the right amount like you have to do when using the bigger bottle of oil! Just simply empty the old and refill with all of the new! And you can’t beat getting a nice fresh cut with a brand new blade! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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    I had issues with the Transmission Belt coming out of adjustment way too soon and going through Rear Traction Cable, so what I ended up doing was get the Tuneup kit. As I thought last year, it was the Blade all along.Whenever you run a worn out Blade on your Mower, it causes everything else to wear out super fast. I was going through 1-2 Transmission Belts per Mowing Season & Rear Traction cable, 1 to 2 times per season as well.It’s not like this kit costs a lot, it’s like $20-$25. That’s cheap if you were going though all the other parts like I was. Now it’s not taking near as long to mow the entire yard, plus it’s not kicking up as much dust as it was before…

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